Quality control

Quality control


All too often, people seem to think that all machines made in China are of low quality. I've been working with Chinese suppliers for over 20 years and I've visited China at least 100 times. In regards to quality, China is a country just like any other. Just like in European countries, you can find great, as well as less than great suppliers there. My main task in 4ISP s.r.o company is finding the suppliers who belong to the first category. Of course, every company concerns itself with the question of quality, but when the company deals with machines made in Asia, the question becomes the number one priority. Any problem we wouldn't be able to solve would spawn posts on the internet and articles by experts, which could permanently damage not only the reputation of our company but also the good reputation of Chinese engineering.


We are aware of this pressure and we prevent failure by implementing various measures. Whenever our Chinese supplier starts designing new machine models designed for the European market, we cooperate with them right from the first draft - both remotely and on-site through our employees living in China. Our technicians are trained by the suppliers directly in Asia on a regular basis, in order to be able to always ensure fast and reliable service in case of machine's malfunction. Our storage is always equipped with those spare parts that are known to be prone to failure. All big machinery designed for European market is quality checked by our employees prior to shipping. In particular, our supplier technician is always present during HSG fiber laser hand-off and the technician always checks the machine installation, making sure it is done expertly and the machine is ready for working. 


Our German investor, impressed by our company's experience and professional reputation earned during past years, has decided to support EURAZIO Center project - the biggest showroom with Asian technology in Europe, which will be open in 2018 in Modletice, near Prague. Upon investment of over 10 mil. USD and an area covering almost 5000 square meters, the center will become a reliable service, as well as selling place of Asian technology for the whole European Union. Should you decide to buy one of our machines, EURAZIO Center (being our company's project) will ensure top quality of service.


Still not entirely convinced? I understand. You can read statements like these all the time. However, we'll gladly get you in touch with one of our customers - you can talk to them, ask them how was doing business with us. We believe that conversation with our customer is the best way to convince you in regards to the quality of our service.


Petr Tůma
Executive Head, 4ISP s.r.o.